Friday, 7 January 2011

Is your website SEO Optimized?

The other day I listened to a SEO chat with one of the SEO gurus for Photographers, Zach Prez and I realized that my website can be better optimized for Google and other search engines. One of the thinks he mentioned that I need to change myself is; For you to have a good chance to score well with search engines each page you have should have at least 300 words since search engines can't see images only read text. It is when they read what is on your website that gives them an indication what your website is all about. Oops I better get writing on some cleaver text for my website I believe I have too little text. Maybe a good thing I am working on a new web design anyway so that I can incorporate this straight away.

Zach Prez did mention that your text about what is included in your photography sessions such as price what the client gets etc. is very useful information since almost every word is then a good keyword for what your site is about.
To listen to the interview with Zach Prez go to the link below its quite useful it is great that he actually have targeted Photographers and not just all companies even though SEO works similarly it is nice to get more in depth advise towards your own niche. He has also written a few books but I have not read any of them myself yet so cant give you a review. If you have read any of his books please let me know what you think of them.
Good luck.

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