Sunday, 28 November 2010

Selling images through Red Bubble.

As a photographer one of the greatest thrills are of course taking the images but after that to me anyway comes when you see how your clients appreciate the images that you have created. When you see the light on their faces of approval that you were able to capture what they wanted. This week I have been working on a few different projects and one of them was for my personal benefit which is Photography Art I love taking a photograph and then turning it into photo art in Photoshop. I have uploaded a lot of the images to my Red Bubble account and this morning when I checked my emails I had made a few sales during the night someone that obviously feels the same way as I do regarding Photo art had bought 8 different images of my photo art. It was indeed a great start to my day. As a photographer you never really know what others are going to like or not and abstract photo art are very subjective you either like it or you don't care for it at all. So it is nice to know that someone else out there appreciates my photo art. 

The image below for instance I took in Dubai, it is of one of Dubai's famous Golf Clubhouse's. That you of course can not see now. You might understand now once I have told you that, that it is grass at the bottom of the image.
This image is taken in Egypt.
This image is taken in Sweden of a lily.
I have also made a 2011 calendar at Red Bubble I have made one so far but will be making more so stay tuned if you are in the market for a 2011 calendar.
Black Friday sale at Red Bubble 15% off all Framed Prints and Canvas purchases offer lasts till Monday (tomorrow).
Framed Prints:
All images.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Print tab on my Facebook Fan Page.

I have today managed to figure out how to do a tab where I can sell my images from on my facebook page. I have seen other photographers do it but never figured out how or taken the time to get to know it. It was a bit laughably easy really but there you go. That is life for you for things you think are difficult may not always be. Things are not always what they seam to be!
Anyway if you click on this link you will understand what I am talking about it will take you straight to the Print page.

Take a look it is after all time to get your Christmas shopping done? Have you started yet? I sort of have I have already sent some personalised bookmarks that I have made to my parents in law. I feel safe telling you guys here on the net I am confident that they will not read it and have their christmas present spoiled ha ha. :-) They are though very savvy with internet it is not that well they know how to Skype at least which is all that matters when it comes to communicating from around the world. 
These are great stocking fillers for all your bookworm friends.
I love abstract art. Here are a few macro photographs of a hibiscus flower that I have truned into a more arty feel in PS. I bet they would look great printed in very large format on canvases just like a acrylic abstract painting. I used to paint in both oil and acrylics and only abstract themes. I am not sure why I don't anymore Hey maybe I should start I actually have 5 white canvases that are just waiting to get some paint on them. Well we will see how that project goes. :-) I can't promise I will keep you posted ha, ha.
Oh yes I almost forgot to tell you! My husband ran into one of my clients today and he was praising how much they loved the interior photography I did for his hotel. Yey! It is always nice to hear nice things from clients. It gives me the idea that maybe I should incorporate a page for appraisals from clients on my new website? What do you think? 
This client have unfortunately not updated their main hotel page with my images just yet but some of them are here.
As you can see from the link it is a hotel and casino, it was great fun to shoot I started at 09.00 in the morning where all the staff came straight off their night shift and it was these members of staff that was gonna be my models in the casino shots you can imagine some tired faces but they did great they were very heroic if you ask me. It was one of my most fun interior shoots I have done because the interior was so great it was modern chick and very colourful.
I remember that the post production work in PS was very tedious when it came to the images from inside the casino floor. I took away all the video cameras from the ceilings and walls and for those of you that have never been into a casino there are loads of them.
There is a Black Friday Sale of 15% off on all my Canvas and Framed Prints if you order through Red Bubble. Offer lasts till Monday.
Photographs on Canvas:
Framed Photographs:
If you celebrate Thanksgiving I wish you a happy one.
All the best. 

Sunday, 21 November 2010

To roll out or not roll out!

Hi everyone,
As I have mentioned to you before I have been working on my new website design and I am finished with the design but not with all the content which is, you guessed it pictures!
I have planned to incorporate a PayPal account into my online store gallery where you would be able to buy my images straight from the website.
I have the last two weeks been very busy with event work so have not been able to work on the website at all. I am now thinking of maybe to roll out the website as it is now without the web gallery and have that added at a later stage. What do you guys think? or should I just wait and roll it all out together as one? That is the question. I did however wake up this morning almost like out of a nightmare thinking that I had deleted my website images! I have the last couple of days had problems with too little memory on my computer and I have therefore been deleting a lot of images as well as moving some to external hard drives etc. and I did look at the web images the other day thinking they do not need to be here lets delete them! So when I woke up I was certain that I had. So I rushed to the computer to check and thankfully I had not. If I had I am not sure I would have had the energy to redo it. But luckily I do not have to think about that anymore.

With the event that I have been photographing the last couple of days a lot of Swedish people were participating and one of the guys had packed a Swedish Care package for me! Yey! I just love it. I now have plenty of Swedish Kalles Caviar, Ginger bread cookies, hard bread (knäckebröd), Marabou dark Chocolate, Ahlgrens bilar (candy) and Gevalia Coffee. I think Christmas came early to me in Egypt this year!
Thank you Morgan so much for bringing it over for me!
If anyone else wants to bring me treats I love dark chocolates hint, hint.
Also a big thank you to one of the English participants for bringing over some KP Spicy Chili Nuts I just love them! Thanks Darren.
I have searched for something similar in Sweden but have not come close. The only chili nuts they seem to sell in Sweden are coated with dough and it always seem like they have forgotten to add the chillies they are not spicy at all. KP on the other hand definitively have a winner going for them I don't seem to be able to get enough of them shame they don't sell them in Egypt.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Gearing up for a busy week ahead

Hi there,
I am at the minute multitasking with both trying to figure out how to get my photo gallery incorporated into my new website design, I think I have managed to figure out how, now I just need time to get it all done. As well as I have a busy week of photo shooting coming up, in the meantime I also need to clean my censor I saw on the last interior shoot I did that I had some dust specs visible and they are very irritating to have when you know you don't have to. So better get them out of the way before I start shooting. 
I will let you know once my new website is up and running my web address will of course be the same
Today when I was walking for lunch I saw the eagle sitting on the driving range just 5 meters away from me. I so wished I had my camera with me to get some nice close ups of it. It looked absolutely magnificent. I saw it at the same spot yesterday as well so maybe tomorrow I will bring my camera with me and try to capture a few frames of it. I think tomorrow might be my last chance to capture it because as of tuesday there will be a lot more people around on the driving range trying to get ready for this years International Taba Heights Pro-Am golf tournament and I am guessing the eagle will then choose to sit someplace else while he is waiting for everyone to leave again. 
If you are interested in purchasing any of my images for Christmas or any other occasion you can take advantage of this promotion that lasts till the 14th of November 2010, 15% Discount when using this:
Discount Code: hshippey_is_on_sale_2887
You can buy my art work as postcards, on canvas or framed or as large posters.
Take a look at this website to choose your image that you like.
Below are images that I took while visiting a nearby bedouin camp here in the Taba region. Let me know if you would like to join me on my next Photography Excursion here in Egypt.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Relaxing in the sun!

Well I am not really relaxing but I do live in the sun so its part true :-)

I woke up this morning feeling that I really need to get started or should I say finish my new website design soon for some reason I am just fed up with the way it looks right now. I have been on the task of changing it for a while now but am working very slowly on it and never really finish it always a photo shoot or something else coming in the way.
I shot this image the other afternoon while the sun was setting behind me. My model Nicci was great she did loads of different Yoga positions like the Warrior among others I do not know the names of on this rock it looked a bit dangerous at times to see her stand on one leg on the rock but she was definitively in the zone or had the proper Yoga concentration going on. It was brilliant to photograph.  Thank you Nicci for the help. I would love to do it again next to a pool in the morning sun I think that would give a very relaxing feel to the image. Or another afternoon it is always easier to persuade a model to work afternoon than really early mornings ha, ha ;-)

Well I just thought I should say hello to let you know that I am still around. I better get back to my website now and see if I can finish it soon. I will keep you posted.

My images have been in a few sports and travel magazines this month which is always fun to see. I have also sent images to a Garden and Home Magazine that requested some of my images so we will see how many they will choose to use. Lets hope its many ;-)

Yesterday I did an interior shoot at a hotel so I also need to get them edited and delivered to the client. I have another one scheduled for tomorrow. I saw last night that I had some dust specs on my censor so better schedule a cleaning of it today before the shoot tomorrow. No need to take extra time in photoshop for silly things like that.
Over and out for now.
One of the more relaxing images the model is looking out at the Red Sea.