Friday, 28 September 2012

Helen is Featured at Mom Souq Dubai

Hope you are all well. I can happily let you all know that I have been selected among many MumPreneurs in the region to be featured at for their second phase launch. It is a great website for services in the region as well as buying and selling second hand products.
Check out the website if you have not already done so.
Last weekend I photographed a newborn baby boy and yesterday I was busy photographing an event as well as business portraits. Tomorrow I will photograph a new mum to be. I love that my job keeps me on my toes and never becomes boring and mundane.
Catch you all again later.
Helen xx

Monday, 24 September 2012

I love photographing Dubai Weddings

Think it is something about the excitement and that everyone are so happy during a wedding that makes them so much fun to photograph. It is after all the Bride and Grooms happiest time of their lives!
You never get a do over when you are photographing a wedding. You have to get it right then and there and its a lot about the moments, you have to foresee the events ahead of time to make sure that you are in position to capture them when they happen. To be able to foresee events and happenings on a wedding day is something that comes to you through experience, the more experience you have as a wedding photographer the better you become. Which is why it is important for you as a bride and groom to be to check your wedding photographers wedding experience level and not just as a photographer but as a wedding photographer. I photograph a lot of intimate weddings in Dubai, where I capture the wedding ceremony and then whisk the couple away in my car and I take them to another photography location in Dubai. Most couples request beach shoots. And beaches we have several in Dubai so all you have to do is to pick what kind of background you want to have. This particular couple was in Dubai on holiday and wanted to capture the spirit of Dubai and the sunny Dubai beaches in their wedding photographs.
All my holiday wedding photography shoots I deliver their images through Drop Box since they are usually only here for a short period of time. Don't you just love the efficiency of the Internet! Makes life so much easier and the world so much closer to you.
I once photographed a wedding where the couple was literally on a plane back to Norway before I had even reached my office to download the wedding photographs. They had arrived in the morning so talk about a flying visit. But they did get married in Dubai after all!
Helen xx
 Burj Khalifa in the background.