Thursday, 5 May 2011

Lucky Winner!

Yesterday was the prize draw of One Lucky Dubai Mum Winner of my Child Portrait Photography Shoot.
Drum roll....... and the lucky winner is Karen!
I attended the first Dubai Mums coffee morning this week, one at the Dubai Polo Club and one that was held at Nero Cafe in Motor City opposite the Auto Drome.
It is a bi-weekly coffee morning and every time there will be a company present presenting something to the mums that hopefully are of value to them. This week it was me giving them tips of how to photograph their children. The catch for every company that participates is that they need to give a freebie hence, me giving away a child portrait photography shoot and give the mums a discount to what ever product or service that you are providing. So I am giving all Dubai Mum's members 25% discount off my original portrait prices.
If you are interested check out their website and their facebook page that I have helped them start. :-)

Tomorrow I am doing my first Groupon photography shoot. :-)
If you are off this weekend have a great one! Me I will be working.