Monday, 15 June 2015

Hey I have moved to a different Blog location. Come and find me!

Hey all,
I am now blogging on my website page instead so please head over to to stay up to date with my latest activities.
Hope you venture over there and we can continue to chat!
Over and out.
Helen Shippey

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Capturing Dubai Frame by Frame!

Join me in March capturing Dubai Frame by Frame!
It is getting slightly warmer here in Dubai but we still have time to be outdoors and photograph so lets take advantage of that as much as possible!
Here are some dates for your calendar:
22 February  Blue hour photo workshop Time: 17.45-19.10 
2 March Location: Bastakyia Time: 08.30-10.30 
19 March Location: Jumeirah Time: 09.30-11.30 
28 March Location: Deira Time: 15.30- 17.30
31 March Location: TBA Time: TBA (Morning)
As always on my photography walks and workshops I only allow a small number of participants to make sure I can assist everyone at their photography level.
I only charge AED150 per person/per activity.
I am also looking into adding one more photography workshop where we will photograph pouring water into glasses and capture the drops on their way down, its creates fun and pretty photography art. I have 3 myself on my wall at home :) I am just looking for a location of where to do it at the moment. If you are interested to participate in that then please let me know about that as well.
Joining one of my photography walks is a fun way of learning how to capture better photographs with fellow photographer enthusiasts.
All participants also have access to a FB group where we continue to talk about photography, they can upload up to 5 photographs from every walk they participate in, I have quite a few regulars which is lovely! I will then give them feed back /critique on their photographs so that we all can learn and excel in our photography field.
To sign up for any of my photography walks or workshops please send me an email to:
For those of you that are wondering if this is of you? Have a listen to an interview I did with Lucy Taylor for the Travel Show at Dubai Eye 103.8
Have a lovely day everyone.
I will make sure I will! :)
Helen x

Friday, 13 February 2015

Dubai Blue hour photography workshop

I love teaching! And teaching photography that I love working with just makes it even more fun.
My next Dubai Photography Walk will be a Blue Hour Photography Workshop so we won't really walk around just move a bit around the same location capturing it from different angles.
I was out testing a blue hour location the other night to see if it would work for me or not.
Here are two snaps that I captured, one is during the blue hour and one is just after the blue hour.
My Blue Hour Photography Workshop will be held on Sunday the 22nd of February. If you would like to take part please send me an email to
The charge for the Blue hour photo workshop is the same as my photography walks AED 150 per person and you also get access to a private FB group where we can continue to talk photography and I will give you feedback on some of the photographs that you have captured during the walks or workshops that you have participated in so that you can excel as a photographer.
I always have small groups to make sure I can assist everyone at their own photography level.
What you need to be able to participate in the Blue hour photography workshop is your own dslr camera and a tripod.
Join me Catering Dubai Frame by Frame!
Looking forward to see you soon.
Over and out!
Helen xx

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Dubai Photography Walks

Hi everyone!
Its already February 2015!! Hey I can't believe how fast the time goes. This January we just had was hands down my busiest time I have had, I am usually very busy this time of year but this January took it one step further I put my business into second gear which was great and so much fun!
Ok this blog post is not about that I will tell you about what I have been up to later on :)
Now I would like to mention to everyone that are interested to learn how to capture better photographs themselves that My Dubai February Photo Walks are on this week. Tomorrow we are heading to Satwa and on Saturday we are heading to Bur Dubai/Heritage Village.
You don't only get street life but also great patterns and a different kind of Dubai skyline that you normally don't see people capture. Here are some snaps I captured while I did a walk through of my Satwa walk on Sunday. I still have availability for Saturday if anyone would like to join me then just send me an email of give me a call to sign up. Mob. 055 107 89 88
There is a house where these actually live in a cage so you can always capture lots of pigeons flying around the house, they get let out obviously but they know where they live and always comes back :)
Shoes outside a Mosque
I captured this with the thought that I would add it to my texture library to use later as an over lay over portraits and other photographs that would look great with some texture over it.
Capturing Dubai skyline through a fence!
My place!!?? :) Just had to take a photo because of it being my name lol
Loved this one! Celebrating all occasions at the same time, Christmas, National Day and Valentines day and of course Hello Kitty!
I was mentioned in the local paper today! 7 Days

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Wow what a year I have had! Made it in Dubai!

Its hard to believe but 2014 is coming to a close. I have had the most amazing year to date in regards to how much my business have grown and all the fun photo shoots I have had the honor to work on.
I am having a  hard time to pick a particular moment because I have had so many totally awesome ones this year but if I would just mention a few that are topping my list I would say photographing Donald Trump for a magazine cover was a super fun photo shoot and to photograph the Majesty the Queen of Sweden was pretty cool for me as well being a fellow Swede :) It was also a total honor to be the chosen photographer to photograph some of the Al Maktoum children. When I got the phone call I totally thought I was on candid camera or something lol. Same thing when I drove up to the palace and the guard stopped me saying I must have gotten the wrong house and asking me do you know who lives here? -It is Sheikh Mohamed Al Maktoum! And my reply was yes then I'm at the right place thats where I am going. You should have seen the disbelief on his face ha ha. But a phone call later and the gates were opened for me. It was pretty awesome to say the least.
I also have had several nice article write ups about me in the press both here locally in the UAE and back home in Sweden, as well as several radio appearances in both Sweden and here in Dubai.
2014 was also the year I started photographing local Emirati weddings, previous years I have photographed European weddings where most of them being Scandinavian weddings either Norwegian or Swedish ones, but this year I also embarked on the Emirati ones and I am loving to be chosen to also capture them. I have photographed 11 local Emirati female weddings this year and I already have quite a few booked in for 2015 with my first one this Friday the 2nd of January in Abu Dhabi, so I am predicting the numbers will be at least tripled for next year easily.
I have had a very diverse and very fun year to say the least hoping for just an exciting and fullfilling 2015.
Do you have any new years resolutions?
I have one which is to learn how to film with my dslr. What is yours?
Happy New year to you all!!
Over and out for now.
Helen xx
Al Badia Golf Club
Darren Clarke
Donald Trump
Tiger Woods
Rory McIlroy
Amelia Magazine. Swedens largest women's magazine
Helen and Donald Trump
Live on the radio
Miguel Angel Jimenez
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Donald Trump