Saturday, 19 February 2011

Being a Tourist in Dubai.

As some of you might remember I assisted Swedish photographer, Henrik Mill at a wedding last summer.
Henrik that I was photographing alongside was recently interviewed by a Swedish magazine called Style where one of my images of him in action are featured, please take a look at page 39 and if you can read Swedish please also read the article :-)
My mum is here for a quick visit it is her first time in Dubai so we have plenty of things on our To Do and See List. I am sure I will be taking plenty of photographs, I'll show you guys later.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Dubai Desert Classic 2011.

It has been a hectic week photographing the Dubai Desert Classic Tournament. I was working on assignment for ISM (International Sports Management),
I photographed all their 17 European Players that were participating in the tournament, such as The World Number One Golfer, Lee Westwood, Darren Clarke, Rory McIlroy, James Kingston, Fredrik Andersson Hed to name just a few.

It was great fun to work alongside all the sport photographers that were there photographing for different stock agencies like Getty and newspapers.
If you are looking for a sport photographer for your sport event please contact me with your breif of your event. Mob. +971 55 826 2586,
I thought this looked a bit funny. Lee Westwood and Tiger Woods are both checking out thier putting lines.
I captured this on my way to the car after a long day at the golf.
It was great sunny weather all through the week, although some wind made the course a bit tricky at times for the players. These palm trees on hole 17 in particular put more than one golfer in a pickle.
To show you how close the media are to the players and they still have to perform.

Monday, 7 February 2011

The coolest job ever!

Literally! I stood still for 2 hours photographing the Scandinavian Challenge Ski Tournament at Ski Dubai. They have a constant -2C which I could feel I definitively did not dress warm enough. The first 45 minutes I was fine then my fingers and toes went numb. Not a great feeling. It It was definitively the shortest ski slope I had ever seen it took the winner 19.22 sec to get down so the window of opportunity to photograph was a quick one. :-) It was the winner that also received my git voucher for a Free Family Photo Shoot!
After the tournament myself and a few of the audience went up the ski lift without skis it was a sit lift so no problem there and had a nice warm hot chocolate at the top cafe. I can recommend going to ski Dubai just for the experience even if you are not a skier. Me being from Sweden I am used to snow and cold or at least should be.... I was very impressed by the quality of the snow it felt and looked just like ‘real’ snow I guess it has to do with the temperature being at a constant. I thought it might go very icy like fake snow does in the Swedish ski resorts but I guess that is due to the changing temperatures.
It was a great event even though a cold one with a great after ski party at the Grandeur Hotel afterwards.  For more info check out their Facebook Group:!/home.php?sk=group_143110569081030

Tomorrow and the next coming days I am off to Photograph a few European Tour Professionals (golf players) at Emirated Golf Club which will be great fun.