Friday, 17 February 2012

James Blunt Concert in Dubai 2012

The Dubai International Jazz Festival has arrived!
Last night was the first day with the opening act being none other than James Blunt.
As per normal concert etiquette he came on stage later than planned. Why does that always happen? I don't get it? Anyway once he started he was playing all his normal songs I personally have one or two of his CD's but he still played several songs i had never heard of they were not bad they to me just all sound very much the same which makes it hard to tell them all apart. I still consider myself as a James Blunt fan so don't let my chatter about all songs sounding the same being a negative thing its just his signature i guess?
The concert was at a lovely setting outdoors at Al Badia, Festival City great atmosphere and lovely temperature at the moment. I hate to think how hot and sweaty it will be at the Madonna concert in June.
Here are some snaps from last nights show. Enjoy!
Were you there? What did you think? Did you see how many prams that were present? Can't believe how many parents that bring their children to a late night concert for what reason? One mum was mowing down beer glasses as she was pushing her pram towards the exit at 23.30 That might be a hint to you should not be out with a pram at that time. The child was of course wide awake as well. Myself and my hubby also had to step over two children laying on the lawn sleeping when we were walking towards the exit. Yes I admit I left before the concert was over... I was just as tired as those children laying there sleeping on the grass.  :-)
I did enjoy it thought!!! honest.
Tonight I am off to see Jools Holland And His Rhythm & Blues Orchestra. Bring on the Jazz..... (I am not really a Jazz fan) But always nice with things happening around you don't you think?
Today I had to say no to yet another Wedding photography shoot. I hate when I can't say Yes!!! Just that the dates were clashing with other plans unfortunately.
Hope you are all doing well out there!
See ya'
Helen xoxo

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Omega Dubai Desert Classic Tournament Day 1 2012

I had a great day out at Emirates Golf Club today. The weather was perfect with a thin layer of clouds hanging about most of the time. It did get hot though I must admit. I will definitively rethink my wardrobe for tomorrow :-) Shorts it is! Today in black trousers and a flannel shirt was a bit on the warm side....
Did any of you hear me chat with Suzanne Radford on Dubai Today 103.8 between 11.00 - 12.00?? I am sure there will be a podcast online later of it if anyone are interested to listen to it but did not have the chance to hear me live! We were broadcasting live from The Omega Dubai Desert Classic Village Area. Dubai Eye will continue to broadcast live from there all weekend so you can go and have a chat with them or just listen in.
It was fun being on the radio I enjoyed that so if anyone else want to have a chat with me on the radio please give me a call :-) hint, hint!
I also had the pleasure of holding and fiddling a bit with the New Canon EOS D1 X that is not yet out on the open market. The body I was holding was the first and only one in the Middle East right now! They will be out for general sale later on in May. It looked and felt fantastic. I will tomorrow take it out for a test spin which shall be great fun.
Today I photographed with a Canon EOS D1 IV and a Canon 300mm f. 2.8 lens I borrowed from Canon for the day. It is great to be able to borrow and test and to try other products before you purchase them to see if they work for you or not. This combination definitively worked for me today I love the photographs that I took today.
Here is a sneak peak for you all of what I saw out on the course today.
 Love his facial expression.
 Another fun facial expression.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Omega Dubai Desert Classic 2012

Practice day 2 for the European Tour Golfers at Emirates Golf Club.
I have a very busy week ahead of me, yesterday I met with a lovely Norwegian Wedding couple that I am photographing today. They are getting married here in Dubai at the Norwegian Seamen's Center. I will start with taking some photographs of the ceremony then we will all head to one of the beaches in Dubai for some beach shots, once you guys see the wedding photos you will know exactly where we were :-) Just like last week I have the great pleasure of Caroline to assist me during the photography shoot! Thank you so much for the support Caroline!
Well like I started saying I met with the wedding couple yesterday after that I headed over to Emirates Golf Club to snap some shots of the golfers in action on the golf course. For those of you that don't already know that I am Swedish might understand that once you guys see who I photographed yesterday..... :-)
Since I have your attention I might as well mention that I will be on the radio live tomorrow on Dubai Eye at 11.00 together with Suzanne Radford. We are broadcasting from the Golf Village at the Emirates Golf Club. So please tune in to 103.8 if you can. We will however not talk about golf but about ARTE Souk that takes place on Friday at Time Square.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Dubai Desert Classic Golf Tournament

Today I went to pick up my media pass for the Dubai Desert Classic Golf Tournament.
I love this tournament all the excitement and great golf that will be played I am in my element that is for sure.
Before I headed back to my office to finish editing a family park photography session I snapped a few pics of some of the golfers in action all practicing for the big day! For those of you that are not golf nuts I can tell you that the tournament starts this Thursday and ends on Sunday.
I met some nice guys today from Denmark they had just interviewed Thomas Björn for one of the Danish golf magazines. They were unfortunately not able to stay for the tournament so I promised to take a few extra snaps for them so that they have Björn in action for their article.
I shall see you guys on the Emirates Golf Club Golf Course during the week if you are here in Dubai watching it live. If you are somewhere else keep an eye out for me on your TV screens i'm very likely going to be on a few corners :-) I love to be where the action is happening capturing it all.
See you all later.
Helen xx
Had to include this image due to that my friend Mike is in it!