Saturday, 9 May 2009

Busy with projects.

Wow time really goes by quickly when you are busy, it felt like I wrote to you just yesterday. I am right now working on a new project, a Photography Book. It is not as easy as I originally thought to choose which pictures to use and which you are better off leaving out. My plan was also to have not only pictures but some information about the destination topic that I have chosen so needless to say I need to sit down and figure out what is worth mentioning and not. I will let you know how it turned out once I am finished with it. I really put pressure on myself now to get it finished didn't I :-) Maybe just what I need though.  

I have also updated my website so please have a look at it when you have time

My hubby and I have recently booked our honeymoon trip to New York so I am right now making a very long list of Photography Equipment that I want to purchase while we are there. Here in Egypt you can not get any good photography gear that is worth spending your money on. For those of you who don't know it already I can tell you I like gadgets so its a bit hard for me to only read about all the new exciting stuff that comes out and not have the oportunity to go and test it and buy it in the shops. 

I just finished reading the May issue of Travel Trade Gazette Middle East & North Africa (I received both the April and May issue today?! Egyptian post..) where I saw one of my pictures published, its always nice to see your photographs in print.  I am quite sure I have posted the same picture on this blog earlier this year in February. It was a picture of the Kempisnki Hotel Soma Bay that they had used, unfortunately for me there was no credit line for yours-truly.
Here is a picture that I took recently of one of the Resorts in Taba Heights.

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Group Photo Assignment part 2

Ok I have now been out scouting for a location where I can fit 100 people and where I can be on a higher spot then they are and where the lighting is good.
My conclusion is that my original though will not work, because this hotel where I will be doing the photo-shoot does not have the same looking guard towers. Theirs are a lot lower in height so I will not get up high enough to capture the staff the way I had planned. But what this hotel do have is a mountain so I am now thinking that I will walk up on the mountain with my tripod and take a picture of them from the mountain. Regarding time of photo-shoot I think 18.00 will be a good time the sun is setting so the light will not be too harsh I am not sure the location will be in the shade already or not. I still have to go there at 18.00 and have a look. We have had a few cloudy days which would have been great but you cant count that you will have is cloudy on the day when you decide to take the picture. I will keep you in the loop of what will come of my group photo-shoot