Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Family Portraits

Yesterday morning I was busy editing a family portrait photo shoot I had done earlier. The couple had a lovely baby girl of 4 months she was a darling to photograph. She was such a sweetheart so happy to go along with what I wanted. All in all it was a lovely afternoon shoot in the couples home which was amazing to see. 
Their decorating was great it was like walking into a interior decorator shop every detail was just so spot on. The husband had even made a mould out of his wife's stomach while she was pregnant from breast down to where the belly ends and made a lamp out of it! I unfortunately did not take a picture of it I should have it was such a great idea, the mum told me she loved it since it made her remember her pregnancy and how wonderful it was. 
They had loads off I don't want to say odd things just different things that you do not find in most homes that complemented each other so well. If they ever want to change career they can definitively be an Interior Design Duo traveling the world to find the ultimate pieces for their clients homes. 
I got some wedding images to finish today so I guess I better get on it.
Hope that you have a lovely day. 

Sunday, 26 September 2010

My Photography "Smultronställe"

Every time I go to Sweden to my home town I always try to take some time to stop by one of my Photography "Smultronställe" It is a Swedish word that does not have a direct translation into English but I googled it for you and this translation fits very well to what I mean. Smultronställe is a Swedish word that means an idyllic spot on Earth. It also means "a place where wild strawberries grow". Smultronställe is a beautiful metaphor that lacks an English equivalent. It is a special place, unique (even if) only to you, it can be a local forest, a bench, a tree, or your favorite vacation spot.

The image below I took there at sunset in May 2010. This is a place where I don't bring many people I have only brought 1 outsider part from family to this date and I think I will keep it that way.. :-) so sorry guys....

I know however that I am not the only person that knows about this place because I can see traces of where people have had BBQ's but I have never seen anyone there. You also need to be properly dressed to get there you cannot just think oh I will go to that place right now. So that rules out all the housewives that walk around in high heels and wake up with make up already on. If you are not wearing the right kind of foot wear you will not reach my "smultronställe". So some planning is needed and it is in the middle of absolutely nothing. You will not find it unless you know it is there. I have my mum to thank for showing me this place years and years ago.

I do have a few other places that I also always visit when I am in the area that I can tell you where they are they are not such a secret.

Places that I also always visit when I am in the area that I can tell you where they are they are not such a secret. 

My "Smultronställe" .
Taken at a place I go every-time I get a chance no exceptions!
The ones below are taken by Mälaren in Köping.

Friday, 24 September 2010

I got new T-Shirts to wear on Photography shoots!

On my latest trip to England I got myself some new shirts to wear on photo shoots as well as some more photography gear such as soft boxes, reflectors and a new lens, 50mm 1.4f.
What do you guys think of my new shirt?

I personally love the shirts which is good since it is me that will be wearing them. :-) I just need to make sure I don't grow my hair too long since then the website will not be shown on the back.
I still would like to get a great pair of trousers with loads of cleaver pockets that I can wear together with the T-shirt on photo shoots. I did find a pair of Hugo Boss while I was in the UK but to my surprise they were too long in the legs! Since when have I had that problem? Never. I didn't get them so still need a comfy and cleverly made pair of trousers, but still nice and fashionable not a pair of combat trousers for photo shoots. I need them to look representable since you are after all representing your company/yourself while you are on photo shoots never forget that.
All suggestions are welcome and if I can buy them in Egypt even better!
I will hopefully get my light stand in a week or so. I have spoken with a guy that can get me one which is great because then I will be all set and ready for almost any eventuality of photography.
It is always good to prepare for the unexpected don't you think?
I wish you a great weekend.Cheers,

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Sold an image of New York City.

The other week I sold an image to a travel site called Haute Compass, they just launched their website this Monday so please take a look at what they have to offer that can be suitable for you.
This is the image I sold.
This got me thinking that I need to change my own website a little bit, I want to add a gallery where people and companies can buy my images that they see straight from the website with paypal. I have had these thoughts a long time I have even started a few times with different kinds of designs but never finished I never could decide upon which design I liked best, as well as its been a bit daunting to get all my images together and categorize them etc.
But I have now picked up again on one of my old designs and started to finalize it. It wont be changed just yet. Don't worry of course I will let you guys know when the new one is up and running.
In the meantime you can look at my current web page for information,
Below I have added a few more New York images that I have taken.
I guess no one can buy images off you if they do not know you have them!
If there are any images on this blog or on my website that you like and would like to query how much they are to buy please do not hesitate to contact me with an email or email me a description of what you are looking for and I will send you a few sample images that fit your description, that is exactly what Haute Compass did it could work out for you too!
Take care for now.
I guess I better get back to my website design.... :-)

Friday, 17 September 2010

I won!

Before I went on my holiday I entered my Tanoura Dancer image into a photo contest that Longwood Holidays held. I just had word that I am one of the winners in their Pro- Photographer section of their contest. Yey!! I won a small but very cute soft cuddly camel.

The image that I won with, see image below, you can own yourself if you would like. I have uploaded it to
Where you can buy it as anything from a greeting card, framed print to a nice canvas print. I have also uploaded other images there that you can purchase so please take a look when you have some extra time over.
All the best.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Looking to buy New Art Work for your walls?

I have just started to post some of my images to there you can buy my images in anything from greeting-cards, posters to canvases. Please take a look and who knows maybe there is something you like there....
Keep on looking back there a bit now and then I will post more and more images as I get more time to do it.
It is my birthday today so I promised myself to only work a half day so I better get out of the office now.

Catch you all later.

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Pop Art!

I was inspired by one of the recent issues of Digital Photo Magazines to make Pop Art with one of my wedding images that I took recently of a wedding in England.
To my surprise it was not too difficult to do it took time to do but only due to that I was using so many different layers in Photoshop inorder to obtain as much detail in the wedding dress and in the suit. You can basically make it as quick as you like depending on how detailed you want your final image to be.
I really enjoyed making this Pop Art effect I might even start to use it some more. We’ll see. 
What do you guys think to it? 
I have already showed it to the client and they loved it. But I can also appreciate that this is not a style for everyone.
All the best,