Friday, 3 December 2010

The golden hour in the Egyptian desert.

I was out early one morning this week on a photo shoot it was an assignment that needed an early start on my way to my location I saw these trees so I snapped some quick ones to capture the trees solitude. 
To capture the Sinai Mountains true cinnamon colour you need to be up early before the sun gets too high in the sky or photograph early afternoon just before the sun sets behind the mountains. What do you guys think? A desert forest is there such a thing? If yes I think this might be it.
I read a lovely article today regarding food photography that later made me click on this link about taking photographs from above. It really gave me some inspiration so I think I will try some overhead shooting and see what comes up. I'll keep you guys posted in the meantime you can read the article as well, maybe you also get inspired to photogrpah something different or in a different angle?


  1. First Thank you,
    Good article about the Sinai desert, but you should see the Western Sahara is full of good landscapes which deserve to capture Photo such as the Oasis of Siwa and White Desert

    Fares Thapet

  2. Hi Fares,
    Thank you for your suggestions.