Thursday, 16 December 2010

Photographing Christmas Decorations

I have just finished looking at my photography of some Christmas decorations. To my annoyance I find a hair in the images! You can see it clearly when looking closely so either a re-shoot is needed or a bit of work in PS. The lesson to learn here is to be very careful when photographing products close up where you can see details you do not want to find dust, hair or other particles that should not be in your image, later on. It is much easier to take care of it before you photograph if you are only aware to look for it.
The lesson for you today and for me to go and set up the studio again and re-photograph the Christmas decorations!

I have attached a few of the images from the shoot, fortunately you can't see the hair in every shot due to its location but if you look closely at the two bottom images you can see it. Long and blond, hum I wonder if it was one of mine.... ;-) 
Maybe a hair-net should be in the camera bag? I actually have a few of them plastic hair covers that you get at hotels in my camera bag just in case of rain or very sandy conditions.... Maybe I now have another use for them as well! Only 8 Days till Christmas have you done all your Christmas shopping yet and sent out all your Christmas cards? For Christmas cards it might be a bit late now unless you are going to hand deliver them. If you haven't mailed them already. 

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