Sunday, 19 December 2010

Dubai here I come!

I have received what I think is the best Christmas present ever! Yes, I know it is a few days early... but I just could not wait with the great news I had to tell you now. We are after 3 and a bit years in Egypt moving back to Dubai. I am so super excited about the move, there will be so many new great opportunities and many photography ideas that needs to be realized.

If you are short on Christmas ideas for your loved ones and you cannot give them a move to another country then here are a few ideas that I have come up with.

For the music lover maybe this cool guitar USB Flash drive? It is a 4GB USB Flash drive so it can come in very handy. Maybe something for my dad? He plays the guitar.. hum not a bad idea. 

 or for your fashionable lady friends maybe a handbag USB Flash drive?
or this very multi useful Swiss Flash drive? 

My personal favorites and for all you photography crazy friends there are a few different options to choose from.
A Nikon 70-200 large thermos.
 A Canon 24-105 Coffee mug.
 or this very cool 4GB USB Flash drive that looks like a miniature DSLR camera.
The photography gifts I found on a swedish website called:

Good luck everyone with your Christmas shopping!
Oh yes maybe I should also mention if you are interested in getting someone you know some Wall Art and 2011 Calendars for Christmas please take a look at my collection at Red Bubble. I unfortunately don't think they will arrive on time for Christmas though.
Greeting card
2011 Calendar 
Framed image

Or if you have a golf fanatic friend this golf book is a great gift it has wonderful golf images taken of the Taba Heights Golf Resort by yours truly and on top of that Golf Pro tips on how to play each hole! Take a peek here:

Sending you lots of Christmas Cheer from a warm Egypt!