Sunday, 28 November 2010

Selling images through Red Bubble.

As a photographer one of the greatest thrills are of course taking the images but after that to me anyway comes when you see how your clients appreciate the images that you have created. When you see the light on their faces of approval that you were able to capture what they wanted. This week I have been working on a few different projects and one of them was for my personal benefit which is Photography Art I love taking a photograph and then turning it into photo art in Photoshop. I have uploaded a lot of the images to my Red Bubble account and this morning when I checked my emails I had made a few sales during the night someone that obviously feels the same way as I do regarding Photo art had bought 8 different images of my photo art. It was indeed a great start to my day. As a photographer you never really know what others are going to like or not and abstract photo art are very subjective you either like it or you don't care for it at all. So it is nice to know that someone else out there appreciates my photo art. 

The image below for instance I took in Dubai, it is of one of Dubai's famous Golf Clubhouse's. That you of course can not see now. You might understand now once I have told you that, that it is grass at the bottom of the image.
This image is taken in Egypt.
This image is taken in Sweden of a lily.
I have also made a 2011 calendar at Red Bubble I have made one so far but will be making more so stay tuned if you are in the market for a 2011 calendar.
Black Friday sale at Red Bubble 15% off all Framed Prints and Canvas purchases offer lasts till Monday (tomorrow).
Framed Prints:
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