Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Relaxing in the sun!

Well I am not really relaxing but I do live in the sun so its part true :-)

I woke up this morning feeling that I really need to get started or should I say finish my new website design soon for some reason I am just fed up with the way it looks right now. I have been on the task of changing it for a while now but am working very slowly on it and never really finish it always a photo shoot or something else coming in the way.
I shot this image the other afternoon while the sun was setting behind me. My model Nicci was great she did loads of different Yoga positions like the Warrior among others I do not know the names of on this rock it looked a bit dangerous at times to see her stand on one leg on the rock but she was definitively in the zone or had the proper Yoga concentration going on. It was brilliant to photograph.  Thank you Nicci for the help. I would love to do it again next to a pool in the morning sun I think that would give a very relaxing feel to the image. Or another afternoon it is always easier to persuade a model to work afternoon than really early mornings ha, ha ;-)

Well I just thought I should say hello to let you know that I am still around. I better get back to my website now and see if I can finish it soon. I will keep you posted.

My images have been in a few sports and travel magazines this month which is always fun to see. I have also sent images to a Garden and Home Magazine that requested some of my images so we will see how many they will choose to use. Lets hope its many ;-)

Yesterday I did an interior shoot at a hotel so I also need to get them edited and delivered to the client. I have another one scheduled for tomorrow. I saw last night that I had some dust specs on my censor so better schedule a cleaning of it today before the shoot tomorrow. No need to take extra time in photoshop for silly things like that.
Over and out for now.
One of the more relaxing images the model is looking out at the Red Sea.

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