Thursday, 25 November 2010

Print tab on my Facebook Fan Page.

I have today managed to figure out how to do a tab where I can sell my images from on my facebook page. I have seen other photographers do it but never figured out how or taken the time to get to know it. It was a bit laughably easy really but there you go. That is life for you for things you think are difficult may not always be. Things are not always what they seam to be!
Anyway if you click on this link you will understand what I am talking about it will take you straight to the Print page.

Take a look it is after all time to get your Christmas shopping done? Have you started yet? I sort of have I have already sent some personalised bookmarks that I have made to my parents in law. I feel safe telling you guys here on the net I am confident that they will not read it and have their christmas present spoiled ha ha. :-) They are though very savvy with internet it is not that well they know how to Skype at least which is all that matters when it comes to communicating from around the world. 
These are great stocking fillers for all your bookworm friends.
I love abstract art. Here are a few macro photographs of a hibiscus flower that I have truned into a more arty feel in PS. I bet they would look great printed in very large format on canvases just like a acrylic abstract painting. I used to paint in both oil and acrylics and only abstract themes. I am not sure why I don't anymore Hey maybe I should start I actually have 5 white canvases that are just waiting to get some paint on them. Well we will see how that project goes. :-) I can't promise I will keep you posted ha, ha.
Oh yes I almost forgot to tell you! My husband ran into one of my clients today and he was praising how much they loved the interior photography I did for his hotel. Yey! It is always nice to hear nice things from clients. It gives me the idea that maybe I should incorporate a page for appraisals from clients on my new website? What do you think? 
This client have unfortunately not updated their main hotel page with my images just yet but some of them are here.
As you can see from the link it is a hotel and casino, it was great fun to shoot I started at 09.00 in the morning where all the staff came straight off their night shift and it was these members of staff that was gonna be my models in the casino shots you can imagine some tired faces but they did great they were very heroic if you ask me. It was one of my most fun interior shoots I have done because the interior was so great it was modern chick and very colourful.
I remember that the post production work in PS was very tedious when it came to the images from inside the casino floor. I took away all the video cameras from the ceilings and walls and for those of you that have never been into a casino there are loads of them.
There is a Black Friday Sale of 15% off on all my Canvas and Framed Prints if you order through Red Bubble. Offer lasts till Monday.
Photographs on Canvas:
Framed Photographs:
If you celebrate Thanksgiving I wish you a happy one.
All the best. 

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