Sunday, 21 November 2010

To roll out or not roll out!

Hi everyone,
As I have mentioned to you before I have been working on my new website design and I am finished with the design but not with all the content which is, you guessed it pictures!
I have planned to incorporate a PayPal account into my online store gallery where you would be able to buy my images straight from the website.
I have the last two weeks been very busy with event work so have not been able to work on the website at all. I am now thinking of maybe to roll out the website as it is now without the web gallery and have that added at a later stage. What do you guys think? or should I just wait and roll it all out together as one? That is the question. I did however wake up this morning almost like out of a nightmare thinking that I had deleted my website images! I have the last couple of days had problems with too little memory on my computer and I have therefore been deleting a lot of images as well as moving some to external hard drives etc. and I did look at the web images the other day thinking they do not need to be here lets delete them! So when I woke up I was certain that I had. So I rushed to the computer to check and thankfully I had not. If I had I am not sure I would have had the energy to redo it. But luckily I do not have to think about that anymore.

With the event that I have been photographing the last couple of days a lot of Swedish people were participating and one of the guys had packed a Swedish Care package for me! Yey! I just love it. I now have plenty of Swedish Kalles Caviar, Ginger bread cookies, hard bread (knäckebröd), Marabou dark Chocolate, Ahlgrens bilar (candy) and Gevalia Coffee. I think Christmas came early to me in Egypt this year!
Thank you Morgan so much for bringing it over for me!
If anyone else wants to bring me treats I love dark chocolates hint, hint.
Also a big thank you to one of the English participants for bringing over some KP Spicy Chili Nuts I just love them! Thanks Darren.
I have searched for something similar in Sweden but have not come close. The only chili nuts they seem to sell in Sweden are coated with dough and it always seem like they have forgotten to add the chillies they are not spicy at all. KP on the other hand definitively have a winner going for them I don't seem to be able to get enough of them shame they don't sell them in Egypt.


  1. Wait till it's ready.
    Also try this site which can be integrated into your own site. (uses paypal)
    Good luck :)

  2. Thanks for your thoughts Simon I will check out the website you suggested.

  3. Helen. I second Online picture proof it is FAB. Saves me so much time and I have not heard anything negative from clients.

  4. Thanks Charlie for the input.