Friday, 24 September 2010

I got new T-Shirts to wear on Photography shoots!

On my latest trip to England I got myself some new shirts to wear on photo shoots as well as some more photography gear such as soft boxes, reflectors and a new lens, 50mm 1.4f.
What do you guys think of my new shirt?

I personally love the shirts which is good since it is me that will be wearing them. :-) I just need to make sure I don't grow my hair too long since then the website will not be shown on the back.
I still would like to get a great pair of trousers with loads of cleaver pockets that I can wear together with the T-shirt on photo shoots. I did find a pair of Hugo Boss while I was in the UK but to my surprise they were too long in the legs! Since when have I had that problem? Never. I didn't get them so still need a comfy and cleverly made pair of trousers, but still nice and fashionable not a pair of combat trousers for photo shoots. I need them to look representable since you are after all representing your company/yourself while you are on photo shoots never forget that.
All suggestions are welcome and if I can buy them in Egypt even better!
I will hopefully get my light stand in a week or so. I have spoken with a guy that can get me one which is great because then I will be all set and ready for almost any eventuality of photography.
It is always good to prepare for the unexpected don't you think?
I wish you a great weekend.Cheers,

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