Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Family Portraits

Yesterday morning I was busy editing a family portrait photo shoot I had done earlier. The couple had a lovely baby girl of 4 months she was a darling to photograph. She was such a sweetheart so happy to go along with what I wanted. All in all it was a lovely afternoon shoot in the couples home which was amazing to see. 
Their decorating was great it was like walking into a interior decorator shop every detail was just so spot on. The husband had even made a mould out of his wife's stomach while she was pregnant from breast down to where the belly ends and made a lamp out of it! I unfortunately did not take a picture of it I should have it was such a great idea, the mum told me she loved it since it made her remember her pregnancy and how wonderful it was. 
They had loads off I don't want to say odd things just different things that you do not find in most homes that complemented each other so well. If they ever want to change career they can definitively be an Interior Design Duo traveling the world to find the ultimate pieces for their clients homes. 
I got some wedding images to finish today so I guess I better get on it.
Hope that you have a lovely day. 

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