Saturday, 11 April 2009


If you haven't yet had a look at our website I suggest you do it. I have this week updated it with new pictures and added  our new company logo as well as a link to this blog. Near by to where I live there is at times a festival, I ventured out to it the other night with my camera at hand and took some fun pictures of the hustle and bustle. Well mainly of the Tanour and Belly Dancer that was up on stage. At least this week there was no power cut, last week there was a power cut everything went pitch black you could hardly see the hand in front of you and then came the screams of all the kids and women that was scared. But it thankfully for the organisers and everyone attending did not last long. Last night the moon was out big and bright so even if there had been a power cut I think we would have been ok. I am still working on the pictures but I have posted a few for you to have a peek at here.

Bedouin Tent

Tanour Dancers

Belly Dancer

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