Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Hotel Photo Shoot

I received a photo assignment the other day for a local magazine here in Egypt. As most assignments they needed the pictures very soon I had two days which is not any problem for me, but I was not very fortunate with the local weather… The weather here is just about to turn from winter to summer and that makes the weather very hazy and a bit humid. All other 363 days of the year we have clear blue sky’s, which is not preferred either but I could have worked around that easier. It is a good thing I am a wizard when it comes to Photoshop! A lot of tweaking was needed on the pictures.

On my last morning before the due date I woke up early as usual and I saw some hope there was a bit of blue showing through in the sky. On my way down to my photo location I met a local Bedouin selling home made jewellery, I stopped and spoke a bit to him his name was Shalim and his sister had made the jewellery. He gave me a nice bracelet I felt bad since I did not have any money with me at all to give him so I took a few pictures of him instead. 

Marriott Hotel Taba Heights

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