Wednesday, 18 March 2009


I did a portrait session with a guest at the Sofitel Hotel Taba Heights recently. After a cup of coffee discussing what kind of pictures she would like to bring home from our photo shoot, we came up with a some what arabic theme. Hence the scarf she is wearing but we still wanted the pictures to be a bit glamourous and sexy therefore  I took the pictures so that it looks like she is not wearing anything beneath the scarf. But I can assure you she was fully dressed we took the pictures in one of the walkways at the hotel so we had a few people walking by wondering what we were up to. But Maria was doing great she didn't mind at all. 
We started the photo shoot with a few traditional portraits so that she has that with her in her portfolio home as well, when we were finished with that we became more creative and did quite a few more fun and crazy pictures. Since we had done the traditional ones we could get away with putting the scarf on and take our arabic theme pictures because after you take the scarf off you have to remember that the models hair will not look the same. So when you take a series of photos with a client or friend you always need to have a plan in your head so that you take the pictures in the "right" order. So you don't end up spending too much time on styling after every "photo theme" you take.

Otherwise I have been very busy making a promotional DVD of my photography that will be playing at the Taba Heights Golf Clubhouse. I am also working on a DVD with pictures of every golf hole on the golf course that will be for sale in the Taba Heights Golf Resort Clubhouse.

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