Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Rock The Goat Catalog Photo Shoot

While I was in Sweden I had so many fun photo shoots. The weather was nice most of the time started off a bit on the cool side but made up for it in the end with being on the very warm side. But not as warm as in Dubai of course but without AC you do feel slightly handicapped in the heat :) I will show you a couple of the photo shoots here for sure but today I want to start with the one I did for a new up and coming children's clothing line. All the clothes are made out of 100% cashmere in Italy with a Swedish designer. The brand is called Rock The Goat So please check them out. They have some very cool stuff for kids. ps. I have had a sneak peek of their upcoming collection and it looks super funky so stay tuned for our next photo shoot that will take place in November in Dubai.
I had some great Swedish models all around 5-6 years old when we photographed the pre-collection. All the models were super good listening to what I wanted out of them so we finished the whole shoot 2 hours ahead of time! So client was super happy as was I.
Just to make the photoshoot slightly more challenging I used colored powdered sand for some of the shots. I can tell you how I did it all in the end another day that could be a whole blog post by itself lol. I had never photographed with such a powder before so felt I needed some practice so I invited a few friends by asking can I please throw some sand on you while I photograph it? Surprisingly I had two people saying Yes to that. Must be proper friendship then don't you think?
Not sure I would be able to pull that off here in Dubai... don't think I have enough close friends lol
Here are some of the snaps that I captured on the day for the catalog.

Me behind the scene explaining to my model what i want him to do next.
This is the final catalog. 

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