Thursday, 25 September 2014

Lets Kick Start the Dubai Wedding season!

Hope you are all great! I am super duper today. Very busy but that is always a good thing right? Having people asking for edited photographs right left and center almost a bit overwhelming but Hey I can do it right?!! Yesterday was a fun day I got three new jobs that are coming up shortly. It rarely happens to me that I get three jobs booked in on the same day so that was great news! One is already happening tomorrow thankfully its in the afternoon towards early Saturday morning because I had already another shoot booked in, in the morning, it will be a long day tomorrow for sure. That is when its good to be passionate about what you are working with then you don't really mind the long hours sometimes. :)
I will start my day photographing some jewelry with two models, I have been photographing the jewelry pieces by themselves all week and will continue next week as well its so many different pieces. But then the real fun start in Abu Dhabi in the afternoon with a local Wedding where 900 guests are expected to attend. I am glad they are not asking for a group shot :) since then I would probably have to be up in a helicopter hovering above them with a super wide angle lens ha ha ha. Which in it self would be great fun!
I am pleased that the Dubai or should I say U.A.E. Wedding season have started! I just love photographing a wedding everyone are so happy and its a great fun day.
over and out for now.
Helen xx
So Lets kick start the Wedding season!

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