Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Is it cheating when changing an image in PS?

It has been very busy times since I got back from my New York trip.
I am working with a travel agent that wants new images for their image gallery on their website and their brochures. Now when you get a project like that and you have a deadline its not always the weather is on your side. So is it then cheating to add interesting foreground and backgrounds to an image in PS? Well, Yes if the picture is supposed to reflect what the place has to offer it is cheating. But adding a bit of interesting sky such as a nice cloud here and there I do not consider it cheating that is to me in my book ok to do. But then you need to calculate in all the extra hours that you need to actually make it happen. That kind of editing I do in Photoshop but all my photographs starts out in Aperture and get a bit of work done on them there first.
I have also been busy working on an advert for a local hotel. But that is all done and printed and posted on location already. Sometimes Egypt surprises you with its efficiency. Or does it have to do with the people that are executing it….. hum probably.

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