Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Adding extra vegetation in photoshop

This morning I have been busy with adding more vegetation to an image to be exact I have added bushes. If you remember a recent blog I said it was cheating adding fore and backgrounds if they were not there from the start. I still believe that is true when it comes to getting the real image of what a place looks like. But to my own defense here the picture where I have added the bushes to is one year old and if I would take that same picture today I would have the bushes there. So yes I could go and take another picture from the same vantage point today and get a similar picture but I would not get the same lighting circumstances as I had last year. It is very rare for us here to get that kind of lighting with clouds and the sun therefore I have added the today larger bushes from another picture that I took the other day  to the old picture.  If you look closely at the old picture the before picture you will see that the bushes were planted last year but not big like they are now.

When you do something like this you of course need to be careful to make sure that the bushes have the right size for the scale of picture that you have and that the lighting is similar or that you can create a similar lighting. The picture where I have copied and pasted the bushes from I had taken from a totally different vantage point and they were therefore too large in comparison to the other vegetation in the photograph to make it all look real so I had to make them a lot smaller. The resolution on these pictures below are quite small so it might be hard to see the difference. In the second photograph I have circled where the bushes are so that you know where to look at least.
All these changes are quite easily done in photoshop if you know how of course but that is how it is with everything once you have mastered it nothing is really too hard to do. Don't you agree?
The final picture

The before picture

The picture that I took the bushes from

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