Friday, 13 June 2014

Helen live on Dubai Eye 103.8 Dubai Radio station

Hi everyone,
Not sure I have told you guys but I was invited back to talk on Dubai Eye 103.8 radio station again. And of course I never say no to an invitation like that :) This time I was not invited to talk about my photography but to talk about my country Sweden on their travel show. I was very quick with answering yes of course I can do that! Then I started to think oh dear what do I know… I have lived outside of Sweden for I think its 17 years now so I was thinking wonder if anything have changed :) I do go back home (I still call it home) to Sweden every year for at least a month so I should be fairly updated about things lol
Anyway here you can have a listen to how it all went when I was chatting about my wonderful country Sweden!

Lucy Taylor Radio Presenter
Mark Lloyd Radio Presenter
Stephanie from Sweden residing in Dubai


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