Monday, 25 November 2013

Last chance to win yourself a Sony QX100 camera #Snapathon Dubai

Hello out there,
I know you are all aware that I have been participating in something called the Sony QX100 #Snapathon Challenge for a while now. It is now finally coming to an end.
Now you have a chance to win yourself your very own incredible Sony QX100 camera all you have to do is to participate by sharing my, Helen's images on your FB page.
Go to this link on Facebook
Then press The Snapathon Challenge on the right and then choose Helen from the Drop Down link look at my images that I have taken with the SOny QX100 camera compared to my iPhone 5 camera. Press share on FB on any of th eiamges and its done you then have the chance to win your very own camera. Simpels!
The Contest ends this Thursday 28th of November so you better hurry.
Best of luck to all of you. If you win so do I! So I am hoping you will.

Over and out for now. Helen xx

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