Thursday, 15 November 2012

Dubai Photography tip of the Day

Now when we all can take advantage of the lovely cooler weather that Dubai is presenting us we should do it to the fullest. It is not only lovelier to be out and about but the change from hot to cooler weather I am saying cooler and not cold since that can be a bit miss interpreted since cold usually means a lot cooler than 25 degrees Celsius, gives us more clouds in the sky than we usually have. Any way the weather change also gives us the great opportunity to get some cool landscape photographs done here in Dubai. We very rarely have clouds in the sky here so go out and take advantage of the ones we have now. This image I took last weekend while I was doing a  mother and daughter photography session on the beach. It started out being a bit hazy but as soon as the sun dropped a bit the clouds became more apparent and the sun changed to very vivid colours. So if you are a keen photographer don’t miss this opportunity that we have right now it wont last all winter unfortunately. Get out there with your camera and get snapping. I took this photograph on the Dubai Umm Suqeim Beach hand held, but if you have a tripod bring that with you. But as you can see it is possible to capture the sunset without a tripod so don’t let that discourage you. Although its a great excuse to your better half for getting new photography gear :-). Maybe a potential holiday gift come early?
For this photograph I used my Canon 5D with lens 24-105mm F4 IS USM L
My camera settings were: 
ISO 200
F 10
TV 1/125 sec
Lens focal length 55mm

Today we have lovely light white clouds in the sky so don’t sit at home get out there. The sun is setting very soon so you better hurry.
I use this website to check the sun’s timings,

Please let me know how you get along out there would love to see your sunset photographs.

Catch you all later.
Helen x

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