Thursday, 22 November 2012

A Mosaic photography frame

Happy Thanks Giving to everyone that are celebrating today.
Thanks Giving is not what I had planned to blog about today I just happened to remember that it was today:-)
Anyway, I would like to mention the lovely idea of a mosaic photography frame gift idea. (I would personally call it a collage photography frame) not sure if both are correct or just slightly different. Since it is a collage of different photographs put together but then again you mosaic small pieces together which makes a collage. I just received this advertising email from I used them earlier this year to print some mini moo cards and since then I keep on receiving their emails which I most of the time just delete straight away but I would still like to receive them incase something good comes along. Like today.
They have a sale from today till the 27th of November and these Mosaic frames and they are quite cool I thought. You get to display 20 different photographs in one frame on different angels (vertical or horizontal) The frame actually reminds me of a childhood board game where you have one piece left out so that you can still move the other pieces around and you try to make a pattern or something with them. (one of them mind games, that tests how cleaver you are :-)) 
Either way this frame is a fun idea I thought to be able to display several photographs in just one single frame, you can that way create a bit of a story with photographs. So if you are stumped on gift ideas then this might be the perfect one. You can either do several different ones of your family, such as use your images from one of the photography shoots you have done with me! hint hint! Book one if you haven’t had yours done yet! LoL or maybe do one with a Dubai theme or flowers etc. Your imagination is your limit here, so get creative.

I have not taken these photographs I just downloaded them from the website to show you what they look like. Click on the link above to get straight to their site and take a look for yourself.

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