Monday, 16 January 2012

Water droplet photography

You can have so much fun with your camera and water.
Two things to remember when photographing water is that you need plenty of available light and a quick shutter speed to be able to freeze the action. Your camera on a tripod so that it is still and focused on the glass while you simultaneously poor the water and press your shutter, have your camera on continuous mode so that it fires several shots in one go. You also need a bucket underneath the glass so that your floor wont get too wet from all the splashing water.
Here are a few shots I did yesterday while just testing out my set up. I need to work on my tilting wine glass because it is not properly fastened so I don't dare poor too much water and too quickly. I would like the water to go splash everywhere but if I poor quicker than I did yesterday my wine glass would fall and break so need to figure out how to make it more stable before I try again. :-)
If you give this a try please let me know how you get along.
All the best.
Helen xoxo

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