Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Dubai Wedding Photography Session

I had the pleasure to meet this lovely couple from Norway while they were here getting married at the Seamens church. I also ended up being a witness to their wedding which was very nice. The ceremony was short and lovely. I did not cry maybe because I was concentrating on photographing at the same time? I met the couple and their daughters a few days in advance at the Seamens church to go through our photography session, I also took a look around the area for good photography spots, to be honest there were not that many so I suggested that we start at the church then we all drive down to the beach and finish off the photography session there. Since they were in Dubai on holiday they loved that idea, there is nothing more than a beach that gives a photograph that holiday feeling. Don't you agree?
Helen xoxox
It was very bright on the beach so I had a bit of help blocking out the sun :-) 
I just love photographs with people jumping, it definitively gives the photograph some life don't you think?

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