Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Love to play with Silhouettes

When it comes to silhouette photography you can have loads of fun playing with the light.
But you do need a light source. I went to this couples house the other day to scout for good locations for our photography shoot. They have a lovely hallway upstairs with a window that I thought will work great for loads of different kinds of shots I used the window as one of my light sources. On the day I woke up thinking that I can probably do some great silhouettes with this couple as well. I was inspired by the Engagement photography shoot I did the other week were the couple were standing in the car park of the Jumeriah Madiant and the light was coming in through the car park exit. (If you don't remember i have added that image below  as well) Now my problem when I saw the window again was that it was not as large as I was hoping it would be and it had a beam going across it as well blocking out the light.
But it is still doable, I want to show you that with these before and after images below. So even when you have dire surroundings that you need to work with you can still work that into your advantage and make great silhouettes. I used Photoshop to finalize these images.
You can also change the features a bit of the people in the photograph if you like. Just like they do in the glossy magazines. Can you tell the difference?
 Below are the original images that I started with to create the above finalized images.
Original image to start with.
Original image to start with.
Original image to start with.
This bottom image needed the least work due to the light conditions and location being exactly what we wanted to get the shot compared to the two first images.

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