Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Family Beach Photography next to the Burj Al Arab Hotel

Beat the Heat!
Last week I photographed a Swedish family next to the Burj Al Arab Hotel. The open beach next to the hotel is very popular for photo shoots, having the 7 star hotel in the background you will definitively know where the photograph was taken. I have had 3 families asking to have their family beach shoots next to the Burj Al Arab Hotel in the last week. So it is safe to say that it is a popular location. It is also popular for tourists. Through these photo shoots I have learned that the better time to photograph on this particular beach is to start at around 17.30 yes the light is better due to that the sun is setting but also there are slightly less people on the beach compared to if you start your photography shoot at 17.00. Because between 17.00 and 17.15 you have three tourist busses arriving and the beach get over crowded by the tourists. One day there were Japanese tourists when I did this shoot the buses were full of Indian tourists. They all go out on the beach fully dressed (it must be very uncomfortably hot for them) and photograph at everything they see. The Burj Al Arab is a popular subject but our photography shoot also becomes very interesting for them. So not only are they in my view finder they are also photographing us. Maybe we look like celebrities? Or we will become celebrities??? Hum now when I think about it maybe I should deliberately start the shoot at 17.00 I might get the next red carpet invitation due to that..... Something to ponder over. :-)

Can you play air guitar and jump at the same time?