Thursday, 10 March 2011

Yes, I Do Wedding Photography

To keep in line with my last post where I mentioned that one of my wedding images was portrayed in a Swedish magazine. I have now made a quick video snippet of some of my wedding images. I have recently been asked quite a few times if I do weddings and with this video I would like to say Yes, I Do!
I know I do not have it mentioned on my website maybe it is time to change that. Those that have followed me for a while know that I am in the process of changing my website and I almost did a few months ago. I showed my newly designed website to my hubby and he said he liked the one I have up and running now, better so therefore due to him not liking my new site as much together with our move to Dubai from Egypt. I have not changed it and don't really know what I should do, keep the one that is up and update it a little bit or still change it totally like my original thinking was.... lots of unanswered questions. To be fair my hubby had nothing against my layout but the images that I had chosen so I could still go with the new design I had in mind and just change some of the images, but then again who says he knows what is best? ha, ha. :-)

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