Sunday, 20 March 2011

Audi Quattro Golf Day.

I have just delivered the images I took on Thursday for the Audi Quattro Cup 2011.
Where the winning team will get to go and compete in Hong Kong! Yey what a treat that will be for them this news none of the contestants knew when they were playing so it was a great suprise at the presentation.
Those of you that know me also know that I do photograph a lot of golf tournament so this was nothing new to me and as always very enjoyable. Everyone are always so happy at these kinds of social gatherings.
I even met a few from my own golf club and that also live in the same building as I am. I have just moved in and have not met anyone yet really, part from another Swedish couple.
The golf day was held at the Montgomery Golf Club in Dubai, we were treated with gorgeous Dubai winter weather, temperatures were around 28C with a slight cool breeze and partly cloudy just perfect for golf and to photograph golf as I was doing. When I accepted this job a few weeks ago we had a hot spell here in Dubai and I was thinking oh dear it might get really uncomfortably hot out on the golf course but it did not it was just perfect. I had geared up with lots of water and I was wearing SPF 50 just to make sure I did not burn or dehydrate myself. You can never bee to careful when you work out in the sun.
 There were loads of different Audi cars spread out around the golf course this one above was positioned a bit precarious and was almost hit by a golf ball from the tee.

I was busy with sport photography on Thursday and then I had the pleasure of meeting a lovely mother to be for twins on Saturday for a maternity shoot I did for her at her house, images of that are to come so stay tuned.
I just love when you have the opportunity to photograph many diverse things it keeps your creativity going.
Over and out for now.

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