Wednesday, 10 March 2010

New website design on its way!

I have for a while now been thinking of changing the design of my webpage and I have now decided that I will do it. I must stay that it is a bit daunting a lot to sink my teeth into. Both in regards to choosing images for the galleries, deciding gallery categories, writing the text and the actual design, Think User Friendly. I myself do not stay long on a website that is difficult to understand and navigate.
I have decided I will make it very different from what is up and running at the moment and that is a big step in itself because I have made that design from scratch and I actually like it but I still feel that my clients that is You will get more out of a webpage with more images on so that you can see more of what I have done in the past and get a proper feel for my capabilities behind the lens. I will also be adding my design side to the website as well since I also do a lot of copywriting/press releases, proof reading and designing advertisements for companies. I have so far not advertised that side of my work and have therefore only gotten work through word of mouth which is the best way to get work to be honest also the easiest and most cost effective since you do not have to spend a penny on advertising it.
Well that is a bit of what I will be working on in the foreseen future. I know I have also promised to upload more of my images that I have recently taken. I will I promise. I believe a clever person once said: “Patience is a virtue”.
I  have loads to do so I better get started…. so Over and out for now.

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