Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Do you learn from your mistakes?

Learn from your mistakes or if you can someone else’s mistakes is even better to save yourself some time.
Yesterday I had planned to shoot images of a tree that have started to bloom, it has many red flowers on them that look like a bottle brush (You’ll understand what I mean once you look at the images).

On my drive down to the Golf Club where the trees are I saw a Grey Heron in the water trap on hole 3 I stopped by the side of the road, quickly changed my lens from my 100mm 2.8f to my 70-200mm 2.8f so that I at least would have a chance to get a decent shot of the Heron. I ran across the road, at the same time I check what ISO I have the camera set on to see if I need to change it or not I have it on 200 and I decided that was good, by this time I was almost certain that the bird would have flown away. The bird was still standing in the water looking about I first shoot a few images then I dare go a bit closer to get a better vantage point so that I can get the bird and the flag on hole 3 in the same shot it looks great in my view finder. I fire away a few more shots the bird gets spooked and flies away I continue to shoot it while it flies away to my luck it flies towards me so it is actually coming closer and closer great! It can almost not have choreographed it any better. I stop shooting and to take a quick look at the images before I go back to the car. That is when I realize I have been shooting without a memory card in the camera. Just Great!

So the moral of this story today is to ALWAYS check all your camera gear before you leave your house since you never know when that money shot will appear!

So try to save yourselves some future grief and learn from my mistake!

Enjoy the images below the ones I had planned to shoot all along and the only ones I did shoot yesterday!
They are all taken with my Canon 5D, Canon 100mm 2.8f I did manual focus on all of them hand held some and some are taken on my tripod.

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