Saturday, 2 May 2009

Group Photo Assignment part 2

Ok I have now been out scouting for a location where I can fit 100 people and where I can be on a higher spot then they are and where the lighting is good.
My conclusion is that my original though will not work, because this hotel where I will be doing the photo-shoot does not have the same looking guard towers. Theirs are a lot lower in height so I will not get up high enough to capture the staff the way I had planned. But what this hotel do have is a mountain so I am now thinking that I will walk up on the mountain with my tripod and take a picture of them from the mountain. Regarding time of photo-shoot I think 18.00 will be a good time the sun is setting so the light will not be too harsh I am not sure the location will be in the shade already or not. I still have to go there at 18.00 and have a look. We have had a few cloudy days which would have been great but you cant count that you will have is cloudy on the day when you decide to take the picture. I will keep you in the loop of what will come of my group photo-shoot

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