Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Interior photography shoot.

Hey ya'
I have a client whom I love her name is Karla Seliman she is an Interior designer here in Dubai and such a great one too. So it is always so much fun to photograph her creations. I have photographed 3 of her designs so far and we have another one booked in soon as well. The first time we met I brought my daughter along and now she gives me grief every time I come to photograph one of her villas and I am not bringing my daughter, I leave her at home or at nursery mostly for my own sake since I am not sure how I would be able to concentrate with her running around in a designed house (my house does not look anything like the ones I photograph ever :( I wish it did lol )
When I photographed this apartment down in the Marina I used all natural light so I had my camera on a tripod and used a remote trigger to make sure I had no camera shake since I needed to use a long shutter speed on most of the photographs. I always photograph in Manual mode but of interior photo shoots i try to keep my aperture on around 11 or so if I want the whole room in that is not for a detail shot. I then adjust the shutter speed accordingly so that it matches up to my aperture setting. I also focus about a third into the room as well to make sure that you get the room sharp. You always have more depth of field behind your focus point than in front of it that is why you do not want to focus at the back of the room since then the whole room will look a bit out of focus.
There were of course more rooms than what I am showing below but I don't want to bore you :)  here is a sneak peek for you guys.
If you have any questions regarding how I captured these in more details or would like to book me for a photography job then don't hesitate to ask me.
Catch you all later.
/Helen xx
Karla's mum have painted this Art work I just love it don't you?

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