Thursday, 27 February 2014

Dubai Beauty Make-over photo shoots

Hello my lovely!
This is something for the women out there. (sorry guys this is only available for the ladies)
Book one of my Beauty Make-overs you get to experience  how to be a model for a few hours! It will be great fun i promise we always have fun in the studio that is just how we work lol.
Here is what one of my clients said about her experience.
Everyone deserves to experience a Beauty Make-Over Photo Shoot!
Everyone deserves to get pampered if not for a day so at least for a few hours.
This is what Shippey Photography’s Beauty Make-Overs are all about. You come in to their homely studio where you get greeted and taken cared of by a professional make up artist, she will apply your make up and get you all dolled up looking gorgeous. She does wonders believe me I have seen her in action J After about 45 minutes of getting all beautiful Helen Shippey the head photographer at Shippey Photography steps in and guides you through all these amazing poses you had no idea that you could even do, while she snaps away. I had such a fun time at my beauty make over, I feel everyone deserves to have experienced it at least once in their lives. I felt like a runway model for a couple of hours it was a blast. Then when I got to see my own photographs I was amazed that it was even me! Even my own son said wow mum you look amazing when he saw the photographs. I can highly recommend this beauty make-over experience. It is a great gift for both yourself and for your husband as he gets to look at amazing photos of his wife afterwards.
A lovely birthday present to all women for sure!
A Beauty Make-Over Photo Shoot costs: AED 2,750
You then receive 5pcs.  A4 size (8.3x11.7in) mounted prints from your photo session
(the photos are edited, printed on archival fine art paper and mounted on acid free paper)
Call or email me for more details and bookings. Tel. 055 107 89 88 email.

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