Sunday, 30 December 2012

Dubai Beginner Photography Workshops

Announcing The first Beginners Photography Workshop of 2013.
I have received so many requests lately for when I am starting new beginners photography workshops so I sat down the other day to work out suitable dates. Well I have now gotten the dates confirmed for the first one for 2013.
If you have your own DSLR and are wondering a bit about what all those buttons are all about then this course is for you. I will teach you how to stop photographing in Automatic mode and how to use the Creative modes on your camera, such as Aperture, Shutter speed and Manual.
The first Beginners Photography Workshop in Dubai has the following dates for 2013:
20th of January 10.00 -12.00, at Al Areesh Club, Festival City
27th of January 10.00-12.00, at Al Areesh Club, Festival City
3rd of February 10.00-12.00 on location TBA
Total of max 4 pax in each workshop so that I have time to help all of you with your camera. Price: AED 1,200 per person
Call for bookings: Helen 055 107 89 88
*Ladies Only
I also do individual photography workshops so if you are interested in that give me a call and we can work out a suitable schedule for it. Price for individual lessons are AED 2,100 for a total of 6 hours lessons that can be split into two or three sessions. Evenings are also available.

Over and out for now.
Helen xo

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