Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Dubai Beach Photography Shoots

The weather is now finally getting nice and comfortable for outdoor photography shoots here in Dubai.
I can tell this by that my calendar is getting booked up quickly for outdoor Christmas Photography Shoots.
Beach shoots is on the top of everyones Christmas lists it seams this winter! :-)
I can say that the best hour to photograph on the beach is 07.00 in the morning so you and your family need an early start but it is well worth it because the light is so beatiful then.
The golden hour I believe is only 40 minutes long it is gone by the time it is 07.40
This photography shoot we started at 08.00 and that is a little bit too late. We did also go to a nearby park when the sun was just too high up in the sky.
When you photograph on the beach you need to be careful so that everyone does not squint too much and on all the photographs. That is why starting early before the sun gets too high and too strong is a good idea, you get that golden shimmer without any problems of your subjects squinting.
If find yourself out photographing later on during the day and cannot find any open shade one of my tips that I do sometimes is that I count to 3. Everyone have their eyes closed and on 3 they open them. This however does not work on small children :-)
Please give me a call for your Christmas Family Photography Shoot!
I still have available timings.

Hope to see you soon.
Mob. 055 107 89 88

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