Saturday, 3 July 2010

Herb Garden at a Hotel.

Hi there,
Hope you are all well. I have this week busied myself with lots of different things such as editing images that I took in Sweden on my last trip, I still have loads to do before I am finished, as well as editing images that I have taken this week. I have had several different motifs that I have taken photographs of.  Peaches, Champagne bottle for a magazine as well as an Herb Garden at a hotel. It is really nice because what they do is they have this lovely looking herb garden where guests can sit and relax in the shade of the dens trees, it looks splendid together with their overall hotel landscaping as well as they use these organic growing herbs in the hotel cocking! I was walking around between the rows of lovely growing basil, rosemary, dill, lemon trees and olive trees it is mesmerising to feel and breath in all the different scents. Very relaxing you really envy the guests and want to be one of them, to be able to just sit and relax for a bit. I might come back and do just that if I ever get the time. 
I think it is a splendid idea for a hotel to have access to their own herb garden, no need to stress over deliveries that are not arriving on time since you have it all outside in your own garden. They even play nice soft music in the garden for the plants not for you as a guest even though I am sure that you can sit and take part of the tunes whilst reading your book. They play the music for the plants to make them grow better they have the speakers positioned so that they are towards the herbs they play twice a day different kinds of tunes to make sure that the herbs get exactly what they want. 
I have photographed other hotels in Sharm el Sheikh that have taken the same idea of having their own fresh grown herbs at their doorstep but they have taken it one step further they also have vegetables such as tomatoes, corn, pumpkin etc. that they can easily grow here in Egypt in their gardens solemnly for use in their cocking. I don't think I saw any speakers in their garden though...

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