Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Busy times due to rain storm

Wow, I have just experienced my first rain flood in Egypt. We woke up 06.00 to that is was raining into our house through every A/C unit. Before I understood what was really going on and able to react and put buckets everywhere where needed and move furniture so that the water could freely poor down into the buckets... Once that was all done we were quite excited that it was raining and very awake. I took my camera and the car keys and went out to see if there might be any interesting images waiting outside!
Its not very often that we have that much rain in the same time so you have to take the opportunities when they come.
After only a few hours if even that the sun was out shining again. Then at 16.30 the wind picked up and it started to rain again but this time it came in horizontally so it rained straight in through all our windows on the house. Not a nice experience. The power kept on going on and off as well all day. We had no internet connection or mobile phone network working so we all did feel slightly isolated from the outside world.
But not to worry everything is all back to normal now at the resort the rain have dried up and the sun is shining again and it looks like nothing ever happened.

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