Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Getting supplies in Egypt...

One of my frustrations of living in Egypt and the remote place of Taba Heights is finding good places to print, frame and get good office supplies and in my case being a photographer I need DVD casings and such things to make the packaging look nice for clients. All these small things that I need I am having a hard time finding and if I do find something its not really up to the standard I am expecting and that my clients are expecting things that you in other parts of the world easily get at your local department store. These small annoying things also slows you down because you are always in need of someone else to source /find it for you and it all takes way too long for my patience sometimes. If I could do everything myself I bet that I would finish in half the time... ;-)
Just the fact that you never get your mail by post here on time or at all is another thing that for obvious reason makes you not being able to purchase online and get orders delivered to your door step. How convenient wouldn't that have been?
It's a good thing that Egypt has a few things that are great about the place to try to make up for the frustrating days that come along. The fact that the sun is always shining makes it easier to get out of bed... I'm sure there are more reasons than that but I will leave it for another discussion another time.
Right now one of my dilemmas are that I have an exhibition due to start, I have the pictures printed (I did them in Sweden while I was there on holiday) but it was too much weight to also buy frames for all the photographs and bring them over, I did bring two but more than that was not really feasible. Now I cant start the exhibition without the pictures in frames now can I. I am asking around for somewhere to get them made, so far all I have gotten are diffuse directions into the heart of Cairo I place where you cant really drive around randomly without knowing where you are going... The saga continues, we'll see what happens and when.

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